We use creative thinking and problem solving to engage the best.

The team at M.C. Partners manages to send us only relevant candidates. The team has relevant domain specific knowledge that helps in getting the right sort of candidate in the pipeline. The team knows what is going on in the areas that we tend to discuss across other relevant firms.
Chris Donnan
Chief Technical Officer
As a candidate, M.C. Partners understood my requirements very well indeed. Jonathan spent a lot of time figuring me out and only offered roles that were likely to fit. This strategy has to be better for the hiring client as well: better candidates, more likely to accept offers!
Philip Mulcahy
Engineering Manager
Felt very valued as a candidate. Very professional, attentive to detail and prompt responses to all queries. Only presented to one company – one job – 100% success rate!
Bradley Carr
Software Developer
It was a very pleasant experience, smooth and efficient. The quality of the service was really good, one of the best I’ve worked with! Jamie was great; he understood my situation and my requirements perfectly, and the positions he proposed were a very good fit for my skill set and interests.
Gabriel Gambetta
Software Engineer
True professionals. Very reliable. Never 'no' as an answer. Impressive coverage of buy-side. Would gladly work with them again and recommend to others without hesitation.
Vladimir Lysyy
I had a great experience dealing with M.C. Partners. They were very honest and thoroughly understood what the role and the project was about. Excellent, very professional. My consultant was very engaged in the process and always kept me in the loop. He also met me in person before the final face to face interview with the client, to ensure that I was comfortable and prepared. Sadly a step most agencies neglect these days.
Vinay Nayak
Big Data Consultant, Risk Analytics
The consultant I have been working with is competent; he understands the skills required to perform my job as a senior developer. I have been looked after very well throughout my contract, and have had regular catch ups with my agent.
Mikaël Valot

Our Areas of Impact.

Technology Leadership Practice.

Technology leaders assume the role of innovation champions. They are responsible for developing strategy, fostering creativity, ensuring results and delivering ever-increasing value. We understand the impact the right leader can have in achieving a vision. Our Technology Leadership Practice identifies and secures those inspiring leaders who will continue to push the technology agenda.

Development & Architecture Practice.

Every organization has different objectives, technology stacks and data-driven problems to solve. There is also a cultural shift in collaboration, where companies are looking to break down the barriers between IT intersects. But with change, the core competencies of a good engineer remain constant.

Whether it is working on the next generation low latency trading platform, or taking a conceptual idea through to the build of a unicorn, we secure the technologists who thrive in fast-paced, technologically innovative environments.

Quantitative Research & Data Analytics Practice.

We are focused on the impact that quantitative research and data science has in helping businesses innovate, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve competitive advantage.

Whether defining trading strategies, forecasting, or spotting patterns using AI approaches, this practice understands the nuances and identifies the best people.

Our Team.

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Quant Research & Data Analytics Practice


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Development & Architecture Practice


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