6 Underutilized Career Change Resources for Salesforce Professionals


Salesforce developers are in high demand. Between June 2015 and July 2016, more than 300,000 new job listings specified Salesforce skills. If you’re looking to enter the field or change positions, now is the time.

There are many resources available to Salesforce developers interested in furthering their careers. The following tips will help you get take your career to the next level:

  1. Find a mentor Salesforce development as a profession is now more than ten years old. There are many senior developers who are happy to mentor new developers. A mentor can help you formulate long-term goals, assess whether your current position is helping you get there, and connect you to a larger professional network. If you’re interested in connecting with a mentor, become involved with the Salesforce developer community online and through in-person meetings.


  1. Connect with a specialist recruiterEmployers are increasingly turning to specialized recruiters in order to fill Salesforce developer positions. Many employers look favorably on recruited candidates because their qualifications have been pre-vetted. By connecting with a recruiter, you can gain access to positions that might not be posted publicly. Even if you aren’t actively looking for a new position, contacting a recruiter can be helpful. It’s more advantageous to use a recruiter that specializes in Salesforce professionals because they have more access to relevant jobs and can provide you with tailored career advice.


  1. Attend conferences and meetups. To meet fellow Salesforce developers in person, attend one of nearly 200 Meetup groups worldwide. Meetup groups are great both for expanding your professional network and learning new skills. There are also a number of conferences for Salesforce developers, such as TrailheaDX. Salesforce sponsors the conference, which takes place in June in San Francisco.


  1. Read blogs for Salesforce developers. Many senior Salesforce developers run blogs with active communities in the comments section. Reading blogs is a great way to keep up-to-date on the ever-evolving world of Salesforce development. These blogs are a great venue to talk shop and provide information of relevant to career-minded developers. Thoughtfully commenting is a great way to expand your network and cultivate your professional identity. Check out this list of almost 100 Salesforce developer blogs.


  1. Join online communities, including groups on social media platforms. There are several online communities where Salesforce developers share knowledge, including the Salesforce Developer forums and Salesforce Stack Exchange. Answering questions on these platforms is a great way to become involved with the larger developer community. For contact that’s a little more oriented towards socialization, form connections with Salesforce developers on social media. Many developers are on Twitter, and there are numerous Facebook groups for developers. By joining these groups, you can find potential mentors and learn about professional opportunities you might not otherwise have access to.


  1. Consider Salesforce certification programs. Salesforce offers numerous certification programs. By gaining this credential, your resume will stand out and you gain access to more opportunities. Some job listings state that credentialed candidates will receive preference.

By pursuing these resources, you can set yourself up for advancement in your career as a Salesforce developer.

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